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Lyle & Scott

Lyle & Scott

Modern design steeped in tradition. Est. 1874. Born in the Scottish Borders, Lyle & Scott has produced premium knitwear since 1874. Combining expert craftsmanship, well over a century of manufacturing experience and considered design, they have garnered a reputation for modern clothing steeped in tradition. Lyle & Scott makes clothes that are designed to enhance your lifestyle around the clock. After-all, they’ve been in the business for 141 years now. For them it’s about cultivating personal style rather than adopting trends, and that’s why they’re obsessed with the details that go into their products and make their collections versatile.

Lyle & Scott - classy fashion with tradition! The brand Lyle & Scott already exists since 1874 and has established itself as a truly royal fashion brand over the years. With lots of treasures made out of the finest materials Lyle & Scott especially inspires its customers from the golf scene. Since the 60s the trade mark and logo has been an eagle which has played an important role in the character of the brand ever since. The eagle is a symbol of Scotland and therefore also describes the origin and roots of the brand Lyle & Scott. High quality is an essential for the articles of the Scottish brand because that's a must to meet the necessities of the clients. No wonder that the brand's products are so popular, because Lyle & Scott polo shirts and sweaters have always been produced with boundless passion. The shirts can be combined perfectly with jeans and offer women as well as men the perfect looks to make a respectable and tasteful appearance. The tasteful jackets by Lyle & Scott should also not be missing in the wardrobe of one who is interested in classy and clearly defined fashion!

In 1874 William Lyle and Walter Scott founded a knitwear company in Hawick, a small town hidden in the Scottish Borders. With a loan of £800, the premise was to meet the demand for high quality underwear in Victorian Britain. 

The Lyle & Scott Achievement

In line with William Lyle's favourite motto, "Good Work makes more Work", continued good business leads to impressive growth in Lyle & Scott's premises. Under the dynamic stewardship of managing director Charles Oliver Lyle & Scott establishes a worldwide reputation. In 1926 the brand progressed into the realms of fashion, applying its accomplished woollen skills to knitted outerwear; doubling turnover in the space of two years.


Lyle & Scott became a respected name in international fashion overnight when managing director Charles Oliver negotiated a partnership with Christian Dior in 1954 to produce joint branded cashmere. This was the first of many collaborations with luxury fashion houses & department stores including Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Liberty, Bergdorf Goodman and Michael Kors.

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