For your convenience, you can choose from the range of Payment Oprions/Methods we are offering you as follows:


A.) COD (Cash On Delivery):


During placing an order, you can choose this payment method and have the item(s) you selected delivered to your door-step and once received, you can pay the courier representative the corresponding bill amount. Please note that this payment option is available for Cairo & Giza (Al Jizah) customers only. All other customers located outside of  Cairo & Giza (Al Jizah) would be having another payment options to choose from.


B.) PayPal:


PayPal is one of the safest payment methods worldwide and we do encourage our customers to use this payment method for their security. However, you will be redirected to PayPal website after hitting the "Confirm Order" button in order to insert your PayPal credentials and complete your purchase.



C.) Egypt Post Transfer:


If you are located out of Cairo & Giza (Al Jizah) cities, hence this payment method would be available. Please contact us on +2 010 9 222 6055 should you have any doubts.


D.) Bank Transfer:


Please feel free to contact us on +2 010 9 222 6055 in order to send you our bank details and you can deposit the equivalent amount to your order.