How To Buy!?


Welcome to Malaabes Online Store and Thank YOU for being here..!


We will guide you through a very simple steps over your online purchase from Malaabes... Those steps starts from here:


1. Choosing the right item(s)


*|* Take a close look on the clear picture related to an item(s) you are willing to purchase. You will be seeing a high resolution item images which keeps you very close to the real feel of that item(s) itself. Moreover, you may need to check carefully the corresponding "Size Guide" for each item shown right below the item's image in order to be highly confident confirming your size and select it easily prior to hitting the "Purchase Button".


2. Picking the correct size


Clothing sizes vary from one manufacturer to another and just because your “Large” shirt, or “34 x 36” pants fit you from "Levis", does not necessarily mean that the same size from "Wrangler" will fit you well. This will help you to be sure your purchase will fit correctly, comfortably and avoid disappointment and the return shipping.


In order to pick the correct size, you may want to do the following considering that you are purchasing a T-shirt:


a.) Get a Measuring Tape of "50 inches" or longer - Measuring Tapes can be purchased at local stores or large supermarkets such as Carrefour. 


b.) Take a T-shirt of your own which fits right on you and place on a table or even on your bed in front of you.


c.) Now we will start a step-by-step measurement guide of each part of the T-shirt:


1.) Chest Measure: Run the measuring tape from the right armpit all the way to the left armpit. 


2.) Waist Measure: Run the measuring tape on the fulliest part across the waist from the right all the wayto the left keeping the tape measure slightly loose.


3.) T-shirt Length: Place one end of the measuring tape at the base of the center of the back of the neck and take it through the end of the t-shirt.


4.) Sleeve Length: This is normally applicable on "Shirts" ONLY! Lay the shirt flat on a table and measure from the armhole seam up to the tip of the cuff.



*|* IMPORTANT NOTE: Please double check the size(s) available in the drop-down list found below the item's picture. If your desired size(s) is not there, thus, this means that there are NO remaining item(s) pertaining to this particular size! You may add the item to your "Wish-list" and once comes in stock, you will be notified automatically.!


3. Adding item(s) to Shopping Cart


*|* Once the YES decision is there, then add the item(s) to your "Shopping Cart". To do so, You may have to click the "Purchase Button" found below the item's picture.


*|* If you feel that your purchase is not finished yet and you wish to continue shopping, you can do that by browsing through other item(s) and again add them to your "Shopping Cartfollowing the same steps as above. If not, then proceed to the "Checkout" page in order to confirm your order.


4. Checkout Page


*|* If you have decided to go to the "Checkout" page, you may want to click on the "Shopping Cart" tab found on the right at the top of any page you are in. There you can review, edit or even modify your purchased item(s) as to confirm your order instantly.


5. Account Registration


*|* Confirming an order will happen only post to hitting the "Checkout" button and you will be prompted instantly to either "Login" OR "Register an Account" with Malaabes. If registered already, you can login entering your login credentials "Username (Email ID) and Password". If not, then you will go through the below simple steps.

Let us assume you are not a registered user yet, then you would have to click the "Register Account" button and by then you are prompted to enter a few details such as: name, email id, unique password (never disclose with anyone), telephone number to reach you on, and an address for which the shipments will be shipped to.

Another option is available within the "Registration Page" which is the "Guest Checkout", if you decided to checkout as a guest, again you will be prompted to enter the same details as above and these steps would be followed each time you wish to place an order with Malaabes. Once the registration process is completed, you will be receiving an email from Malaabes confirming your registration.

*|* IMPORTANT NOTE: You will receive the confirmation email from "[email protected]". If not found in your Inbox folder, then check your Junk Folder and mark this email address of ours as Not Junk in order to have all future emails coming from us jumps into your Inbox folder right away with no delay!

6. Billing & Delivery Details


*|* Done from the part above? Now you will be taken to the "Checkout" page in which you will be able to complete your online purchase by confirming your "Delivery & Billing Addresses", "Payment Method" and finally the "Confirm Order" stage.

7. Order Confirmation


*|* Once clicked the "Confirm Order" button, this means that we have received your order and it will be processed once we verify the entire order details and identify the payment method and we will proceed with the shipping right away. 


8. Order Cancellation/Return


*|* Malaabes has a Return or Exchange Policy of unworn, unaltered, unwashed or defective item(s) which is in original condition with all original tags within 48 hours (2 days) from the receipt of your purchase only in case you are not completely satisfied with it. For further details, you can visit the Shipping & Returns page!




For your convenience, you can choose from the range of Payment Oprions/Methods we are offering you as follows:


A.) Cash On Delivery | "C.O.D.":


During placing an order, you can choose this payment method and have the item(s) you selected delivered to your door-step and once received, you can pay the courier representative the corresponding bill amount.


NOTE: "C.O.D." facility is ONLY applicable to Cairo & Giza (Jizah) addresses! If you are located outside of those two cities, then Credit Card Payment (which happens securely through PayPal) must be identified prior to shipment process takes place.


B.) Moneybookers:


You have to create an account on MoneyBookers visiting in order to use this facility, unless you already have an account with them. If you do have an existing account with MoneyBookers, then you can login using your details registerd on their website and proceed with the payment stated in your Malaabes' billing details. 


C.) PayPal:


In this payment method you do NOT have to reqister an account. All you have to do is fill in all you credit card details and the payment would processed securely by PayPal and you information would never ever be stored on our website. For more details, please visit PayPal's website on


D.) 2Checkout:


Using this payment method, it is not necessary that you have an account with 2Checkout! If you still have an existing account with them, you can use your login information and proceed to your payment in favor of Malaabes. Here is a link to 2Checkout website:


However, please feel free to email us on [email protected] if you require any additional assistance!

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Wishing You a Happy Shopping Journey at Malaabes Online Store.!